Galactic Hooper Talks About Performing Flow Arts

First of all, I need to know; Is the fire hot and do you ever get burned?

Yes and yes, sometimes.

Thankfully nothing too serious in 7 years of performing,  but accidents do happen even when you follow all the safety tips and practiced the trick a million times.

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This Mother Nature costume is absolutely amazing. Did you make it yourself and what was your inspiration?

Thank you very much! Yes. I made it for a special New Year's Eve event. The theme was the elements so this was my mother nature representation.

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You must have really good balance to pull of costumes with stilts. Do you do yoga or something to help you achieve that balance?

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Yes. I practice yoga regularly.

I see that you have an Etsy shop but you have a message that you are taking a break. Are you creating more items or is your schedule super booked?

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I am currently moving to a bigger space so I can create more and better!

It looks like you are experienced in several forms of the flow arts. Who got you interested in this or how did you get interested and where did you train for all of these?

It was actually with my friend in these pictures, @lorenahoopdance. We started practicing hula hooping for fun and we got obsessed with it so we didn't stop.

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Where are all of these amazing looking events taking place and how much fun are they or do you feel anxiety before performing?

Most of the events take place in Miami and they are fun! And yes, I do feel a little bit of butterflies before a show.

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Did you have to overcome stage fright for your first performances or are you the extroverted type?

I had to work a lot to overcome it. I still am!. Even if I took theater classes in Art School. I've always been an introvert and that's why I still get butterflies. But, I really love what I do and I didn't wanna let that stop me. 

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Out of all the flow arts that you practice, what would you say is your favorite and why?

I would say hula hooping it's my favorite 'cause it was my first love ❤️

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What is your star sign and do you think that it fits you?

I'm a libra ♎️  It says that we are balanced and positive so, yes. I believe that fits me.

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You have some amazing photoshoots. Do you have a photographer that you like to use or do you have more than one?

Most of the pictures are from the events I work at but my favorite photographer for fire is @gabyrosaphoto

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And favorite videographer @hangoutcreations 💕

I'd like to thank you for doing this 💗 

My performer instagram is


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