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Find out more about Daedra as Cosplay Moon interviews her to learn more about her goth modeling career over the span of 12 years. She is from Poland and is bilingual speaking Polish and English and her star sign is Taurus. From castle photoshoots to loving Metal festivals, this model can do it all from photography (shooting her own photos) to cosplaying goth, fairies, and Vikings.

I love goth and your profile is so beautiful. I really appreciate you doing this with me. I look forward to finding out more about you as we go through this interview.

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Thank you for the invitation!

I love the old white car with the pumpkins photoshoot. It gives me “Supernatural” Winchester vibes. Tell me about shooting for that.

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The car belongs to my friend and he wanted to take some photos with pumpkins and I wanted to do something different for Halloween. So we joined forces and this photoshoot was created :) Car was a sensation among visitors to the pumpkin farm :D

This post is really gorgeous. I love the red and black. How did all of the rose petals fill up the background? I can see some really beautiful concrete boundaries behind you. Where is this located? 

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Rose petals were added in post production, it would be very hard to do this on shooting. I was looking for nice palace interiors for these photos, but finally I caught covid and I didn’t have time for something better than this (it was a session for Valentine’s Day and we did it on 11th February). The place is called Marshal Rydz Park in Warsaw.

I see a lot of emotion in this shot. Were you transporting yourself somewhere emotionally to get this type of feeling or can you just let it loose when you need to?  

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I don't need to imagine any events to act a facial expressions for a photo, I know my face enough :)

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A castle party festival? How wonderful. I wish I had something like that to go to but in MIssissippi we don’t do a lot of alt lifestyle of any kind and I hate that. Tell me about it please.

Actually I was first time at Castle Party, usually I prefer more metal festivals like Brutal Assault for example. But it was a great experience, I met a lot of wonderful people. I think each festival has a unique atmosphere that needs to be experienced.

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You have too many amazing photos to talk about in one interview so I will go with this one and one more. I love this so much. Tell me what inspires you and do you always use the same photographer

This “the same photographer” is… me :D is my second profile with my photographic work and I often take pics of myself because then they are exactly what I need.

And the crown on my head was the inspiration for this shooting :)

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Do you have a workout routine or do you do anything to stay in great shape?

I’m trying but it is hard :D I am lucky to have a very good metabolism, but I try to exercise anyway (and walk because I like long walks).

Do you do cosplaying as a full time job or do you have another job as well?

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I work as photographer mostly, as I said before, is my second profile on Instagram :)

Who is your favorite cosplayer or goth? And why?

I don’t know, I don't think I have any idols now. I'm trying to create my own fairy tale :)

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