SpinJoy Tells Me About Her Hooping Lifestyle

Check out my interview with Caitlyn from Spin Joy. She has some amazing photos and you might want to take a look.

Thank you for interviewing with me. You are my first flow artist and I’m very excited. 

I love this first photo. Where is it and what are you doing? Performing or joining in? spinjoy flowartist hulahoop interview cosplayerblog

So this was taken in January at an event run by the City of Sydney. They shut down a freeway in the middle of the city and set up a festival event that overlooked the harbour and Opera House. It was one of the coolest locations I’ve ever performed.

Puppy!!!! I love dogs and if someone has a dog on their profile I like to include a pic. What’s the name and tell me about where you got him/her. 

                                 spinjoy cosplayerblog cosplaymoon cosplayinterviews

Our dog is a 5 month old Golden Retriever named Cactus. He’s got his own instagram @_cactusjoy_.

There is a camel in the background!!! Where is this? I love it…


Very cute outfit. So you make products with your name on them?

      spinjoy cosplayerblog cosplaymoon
While we do sell our own SpinJoy merch, this outfit in particular is a custom costume I have for me and my team. We wear these in alternating neon with the business branding. You definitely can’t miss us, they’re bright!

 Very cute wig and make up. So what are illuminated mushrooms?


                spinjoy cosplayerblog hoops hulahoop flowartist flowarts

Haha thank you. The event had set up giant glowing mushrooms that people could walk amongst. It was awesome.

I love how colorful this photo is. Are you doing a shoot or getting ready to go somewhere? 

This was a photoshoot of a look that we get booked for a lot. The donut outfits are really popular. This kind of bright, happy and colourful vibe is very on-brand for the type of work we do with kids and community events. We like to add a bit of colour and fun. The kids love it.

       rainbow cospalyerblog flowartist flowarts

Such a great photoshoot. Tell me about this one.

        cosplay moon spinjoy cosplayerblog flowarts flowartist hulahoop

This is another shot from the same shoot for our costume portfolio. These characters are called the ‘Harlequeenz’ and the costume itself is our standard for circus themed gigs. For higher end corporate jobs we work with a make-up artist @themakeupwardrobe who does some really epic looks that take the costume to the next level.

 Who or what inspired you to start hooping?

              hooper spinjoy cosplaymoon cosplayblog flowartist flowarts

I saw hoop dance online and decided I wanted to learn. I thought it looked so beautiful and graceful. I also wanted to connect with a community of people and make some new friends/find a new hobby. It kinda took over my life from there. I ended up quitting my desk job 8 months later to pursue this as my full time career. I’ve been hula hooping professionally for over 8 years now.

 Who is your favorite flow artist and why?

       cosplaymoon cosplayblog hulahoop hooper flowartist

It’s impossible for me to identify a favourite flow artist. I really appreciate the unique perspective each individual brings to their own practice, no matter their level. I find it especially satisfying to see when someone has managed to switch off to the pressure of the audience gaze and really drop into their flow.

What’s coming up for you?


At the moment I’m focusing on keeping my business running while also studying full time. I started a Bachelor of Nursing a couple of months ago.

Working as an entertainer through the pandemic has been challenging and nursing has been something I’ve always wanted to pursue. 

I’d love to see if the two skills intersect down the line, possibly utilizing all the experience I have with children’s entertainment to help me with pediatric nursing. Who knows!


That's awesome. Thank you for doing this with me.

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