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Vampire Obsession

Why do we have obsessions with vampires? What makes a blood-sucker so exciting and addictive? Is the vampire a romantic in your mind or a killer? Is it the strength, the beautiful skin that will never change, or the dying devotion.  How long will this desire for a dead man live in my head; never to fade away. The thoughts of eternal life from one bite was so exhilarating.

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Welcome To The World of Claude Xavier Cosplay

Ashley’s Cosplay Cache is talking to Claude Xavier. He’s an awesome cosplayer, an actor, a voice-actor, and a dad to three beautiful children. Not only that, he is also a very interesting and easy person to talk to and I really enjoyed working on this interview with him. Get to know Claude with me as we talk about Texas, the 80’s, cosplay, photography, kid’s, and so much more.

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