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Vampire Obsession

Why do we have obsessions with vampires? What makes a blood-sucker so exciting and addictive? Is the vampire a romantic in your mind or a killer? Is it the strength, the beautiful skin that will never change, or the dying devotion.  How long will this desire for a dead man live in my head; never to fade away. The thoughts of eternal life from one bite was so exhilarating.

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Sano Will Inspire You To Follow Your Dream of Cosplaying!!

I'm getting to know about this Brazilian cosplayer who absolutely loves cosplay, photography, his partner Sami, and has such a passion for everything he discusses throughout this cosplayer blog. Sano.cos will encourage you to pursue your cosplayer dream after you feel his enthusiasm and love for the craft. Be sure to ready Part 1 and the follow up Part 2 coming out next.

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Interview with SAFire Arts Part I of II

I had the pleasure of interviewing SAFire for my blog. She is very talented in acting, writing, and creating. She is also very talented cosplayer, who started at 23 years old, and you will see how talented she is through her amazing photoshoots.

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