Ashley's Cosplay Cache Interview with SAFire


I had the pleasure of interviewing SAFire for my blog. She is very talented in acting, writing, and creating. She is also very talented cosplayer, who started at 23 years old, and you will see how talented she is through her amazing photoshoots. She is also a violinist, an author, and a painter. When asked how she came up with her name she told me, "that the first two didn't really stick. They weren't really me. I went with SAFire Art, as the first three letters are my initials, and I wanted something that covered not only my cosplay, but my artwork, my acting, writing, etc... in one whole name. SAFire created this Kitana cosplay and the wig. 

Instagram Page

Her love of cosplay began when she first saw images of cosplayers at conventions. She created her first cosplay choosing Lara Croft. And who could blame her, she makes an amazing Lara Croft. Just check out that photoshoot on her Instagram page. She purchased the tank top and shorts and altered them herself. She made the belt and gun holsters herself. Which goes along well with her advice for anyone starting out and would like to cosplay for a photoshoot; she says, "Be yourself. Don't try to be like others. Just do what feels natural and don't be intimidated by others who are 'more seasoned' than you. Cosplay is an artform, therefore it is interpreted differently by each individual. So, it's okay to do things your way." A perfect example is this amazing costume and wig she created herself.


SAFire loves going to conventions as a fan and a model. Her favorite cosplayer is Yaya Han whom she had the opportunity to meet before Yaya got really big in the cosplay community. She says Yaya is very talented and a sweet soul.

SAFire told me that this costume is by Gunhead and that she made the wig and the makeup herself along with all of the accessories.

Check back soon for part 2!!!


Check out her Instagram at this link.